I’ve finally become a (somewhat) fan of Skype coaching. I still prefer face-to-face but this is often not possible: you live abroad, I’m too busy or away, time limits are too short. Technology has improved and I’ve been doing some successful Skype coaching at all levels and now know I can help you –  and make a difference (so actors tell me) – via Skype.

I don’t believe I can help a real beginner into acting via this method but it is very useful for a specific project such as preparing a scene, working on a role or a self-tape etc.

For experienced actors it can be an emergency support to prepare for a difficult role or a self-tape, or get back  confidence. It can be used it as an assessment tool if things haven’t been going well or auditions aren’t producing right results.

I read scenes beforehand when appropriate and provide filmed moments/hand outs etc. where appropriate as part of service.

Current prices: £85 for 75 mins. via Paypal.

PayPal in advance please if we haven’t met (refunded if connection fails) – 3 hour cancellation by email in emergencies either side. (Then to be re-arranged)

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