Presenters & Business Executives

Mel can offer both individual help and tailor-made courses to business clients and anyone who has to speak or present – either in public or for the media.
‘Very pleased with my presentation, I felt nervous all day until I walked on to the stage. Waiting in the wings I practiced my breathing, standing tall and strode onto the stage – impactful first intro and then I was away!!!!  I had some great feedback from xxx who said I was a natural and then another person who said I was very at ease/comfortable and then someone else who said they liked the way I paused so they it helped them digest the messages (tells me I wasn’t rushing it) – no notes and felt comfortable on stage. I NEVER thought that would happen so thanks to both of you but Mel especially the techniques you introduced and the way you made me practice as it really helped with the nerves and provided my with confidence.’
Senior Executve: Banking Industry

This is a training video Mel was asked to make for business graduates:

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