Danny the Dog/Unleashed opened in 2006

Danny the Dog/Unleashed opened in 2006 with Jet Li getting wonderful reviews for his fine work. He is an excellent actor (look at ‘Hero’) but he wanted to prepare differently for this role. This is from the film company’s production notes:

Li notes, “This film was an occasion for me to go further emotionally, to play something stronger with human significance.” Accordingly, he began preparing for UNLEASHED as he had for no other film. “I’d never taken an acting class before,” he admits. “I learned just by working. This time, though, Luc found a wonderful acting coach from London. For two months before shooting, she helped me study Danny and discover what he was like – what he’s thinking, how he walks, how he reacts.”

“Two years ago, while making ‘Unleashed,’ I met a British acting coach, a very wonderful lady, and she taught me how to act. She told me never think about how to act, just use your heart to believe in what you’re doing. That was very helpful.” (Lewis Beale. Newsday. 21/9/06)

“Besson’s decision to give Li two months with an acting coach also pays off with one of the star’s subtlest and most natural performances.” (Eye weekly 05/12/05)

…”this is also Li’s most interesting non-Hong Kong work to date.” Radio Times 2009

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