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5 day screen course with edited showreel scenes: Actors Studio Pinewood

Next Pinewood Course: October 23rd-27th. 2017


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I’ve finally become a (somewhat) fan of Skype coaching. I still prefer face-to-face but this is often not possible: you live abroad, I’m too busy or away, time limits are too short. Technology has improved and I’ve been doing some successful Skype coaching at all levels and now know I can help you -  and make a difference (so actors tell me) – via Skype.

I don’t believe I can help a real beginner into acting via this method but it is very useful for a specific project such as preparing a scene, working on a role or a drama school audition etc.

For experienced actors it can be an emergency support to prepare for a difficult role or a self-tape, or get back  confidence. It can be used it as an assessment tool if things haven’t been going well or auditions aren’t producing right results.

It can also be used for preparing British English accent or working on voice clarity. (For full voice work I still prefer face-to-face)

I read scenes beforehand when appropriate (but ask a little extra to look at full scripts) and provide filmed moments/hand outs etc. where appropriate as part of service.

I’m generally setting a couple of sessions aside late Thurs. afternoon (UK time) to Skype and may add more space if these are full or impossible for you to do.

Current prices: £75/$120/107 euro for 75 mins. via Paypal – extra £20 to read your whole script. Student rate/drama school audition: £65 but expect you to have several choices of scripts ready.

Paypal in advance please if we haven’t met (refunded if connection fails) – 3 hour cancellation by email in emergencies either side. (Then to be re-arranged)

Gunnar Rugheimer Lecture 2017

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Thrilled to give this lecture! Wasn’t expecting a certificate too!

Actors Centre Scene with Annette Holland and Dilys Twiggs (DOP Ivan Dalmedo)

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1st & only take of master shot of scene from my last Actors Centre class. (Unedited) From ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ with Annette Holland & Dilys Twiggs See how casting against age and type works so wonderfully. Take note filmmakers!


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From Script to Screen:

Mel in Cologne

Lifting the Words into Life…

To book this course go to:

Screen work has (more-or-less) NO rehearsal. This workshop will make you a text-detective; offer you a tool-box to make words come alive; give you confidence with your auditions, international e-castings and screen work.

It will show how YOU are your biggest asset. It will give strategies, tips and emotional work to build the lives and drives of your roles: to find the core of the situation; to be fully prepared yet to remain free; to be alive and fresh in the moment. There is no such thing as ‘dialogue’ – only thoughts that give rise to words. And the camera REALLY sees you think.

Self-taping/e-casting for international auditions is a growing opportunity. This workshop offers practical help and preparation work to ensure that yours zings out from the crowd and lands you the role. Germany has become a hub for many American and British productions, and British and American casting directors are using self-taped auditions from European actors to fill major roles elsewhere.


When you enrol to participate on this course, you will have the opportunity to send Mel a self-taped video of one of the short monologues that will be supplied. This will enable her to view your work on screen and to guide you during the workshop. (ipad or iphone footage is fine.)

Day 1: Mel will see everyone on screen. We will film you as YOU as well as a in a role from the short monologue supplied. If you have filmed this scene pre-course, you will get feedback to take it further under Mel’s guidance. (If pre-filming has not been possible, you will still work with Mel on your script) There will be tips for nerves, screen presence & keeping your life and relaxation. At the end of the day, short scenes will be provided for filming on Day 4.

Day 2: This will contain a technical know-how session with a professional DOP who will guide you how to use simple, home equipment for e-casting. (You may bring your own camera if you wish for this session.)

During the day, we will work on tiny scenes (provided) to explore technical and organic work, and for Mel to see more of you on screen.

Day 3: This is a day without camera – breathing, centring, muscle memory work, physical metaphor, animal work, repetition etc. – a tool box (toybox!) day. Preparation for main scenes for Day 4 – becoming a text detective – unlocking the script via improvisations as well as using the work from the previous day.

Day 4: We will film all the scenes, mainly in close-up.

Playback. Feedback.

This is a personal course suitable for all levels. Numbers are limited.  Observers also welcome.

The course will be in English but other participants will help if your English is limited.

Hours are 10-6.30pm with 75minutes lunch break, but be prepared to stay till 7pm on the final day to view playback. (Then maybe we’ll go and buy ourselves a drink!)

Mel Churcher has decades of experience with screen work – she’s been involved in all aspects from the casting process, pre-production acting preparation to full on-set support. She has worked on more than 50 major productions – from indies to Blockbusters; from Hollywood to Bollywood. She advises top-level directors, liaises with major agents and is asked to support actors at all levels by casting directors. She also works privately with professional actors at every level – from beginners to ‘A-listers’ – guiding and viewing self-taped auditions, in person and via Skype.

Mel has two books for actors: Acting for Film: Truth 24 Times a Second (Virgin Books/Random House) print & ebook and A Screen Acting Workshop + DVD (Nick Hern Books) print & ebook with on-line support. twitter: @MelChurcher


London Screenwriters' Festival

London Screenwriters’ Festival

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Had such fun yesterday at London Screenwriters’ Festival with my Magnificent Seven actors: David Curtis, Philip Labey, Ben Newham, Jane Perry, Rose Riley, Whoopie Van Ram and Carole Walton – thanks to all of them!!

2016 Workshops

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Actors Studio Pinewood ( 5 day workshop with showreel scenes: 25-29th. April (waiting list only) 2016

Barcelona – Frank Stein Studio: – June 3/4/5 (In English)

COLOGNE – MAY 5th – 8th – preparation for self-taping with camera (in English) Places available: